Dawson operates fourteen experienced crews of which four are equipped with ARAM ARIES recording systems, eight with GSR cable-less recording systems, one with wireless RT System 2 recording system and one INOVA Hawk recording system.

300 wide Field Operations

In the field, Dawson:

  • Operates with a channel count of over 324,000 channels
  • Equips crews with 62,000-pound peak force Vibroseis equipment and/or dynamite capabilities
  • Positions source units by GPS
  • Conducts stakeless surveys for our Vibroseis energy source utilizing Tiger-Nav
  • Tracks all field units, including personnel carriers, in real time by GPS with helicopter support capabilities to minimize environmental impact and increase productivity
  • Has 80,000 channels of GSR multi-component recording capability
  • Operates real time microseismic surface monitoring
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